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  Parents Choice



The Wild World of Wildlife

Former Ray Charles backup singer Birdie Mendoza hatched an award-winning kids music CD The Wild World of Wildlife in 2010.  The songs are catchy & upbeat with brilliant lyrics and world grooves, ranging from Latin to Pop to Jazz.  Little ones age 0 to 5 (and their parents) find this collection educational yet bumpin!  “Wildlife” has won two national awards: a Gold award from the National Parenting Publications Award (NAPPA) and a Spring 2010 Parents Choice Award!

Learn why it’s fun to shake your tail feathers, the impact of the ivory trade on elephants, what happens when a fiddler crab's claw falls off (in a hysterical country rap), and find out about a "day in the life" of a baby iguana who really wants to “baila” (or dance).    And, if you’ve never heard a jazzy marsupial scat, give the “Wombat Scat” a whirl.  Birdie’s soulful voice, stellar guest vocalists and clever stories will bring out the WILD in you!  Tweet tweet, Ole!

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See Lyrics from the Wildlife CD.

Wildlife is getting Internet Radio Play on the following shows:
Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl | Preschool Radio

T-Bone’s Radio Active Kids | Jelly Bean Radio

To download a picture of the CD Cover, right click on the image to the left.

Birdie’s Playhouse
The Wild World of Wildlife
for Children 0 to 5 & families
12 songs | TRT: 26:58

Makeup: Tanya Bures
Photos & Cover Art: Alexander Sokoloff
Costume: Violet Riot & Linnea Mielcaerek

Wildlife CD Credits

Mil gracias from the tip of my beak down to my knees to all who made the Wildlife CD possible, especially recording/mixing iguana Walter New of White Rabbit Sound. Shout out to co-producers Seamus Kirkpatrick & Andrew Farnham of IMA, (song 10), co-producer Brian White (song 11), & these stellar performers:

SONGS 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 12 * drums: chris wabich * keys: eli brueggemann * bass: edwin livingston * guitar & bg vocal: marcel camargo

SONGS 1 & 5 * drums: chris wabich * kid vocal: izzie haberman

SONGS 3, 4, 8 * horns: mike bolger

SONG 6 * elephant vocals: billy valentine

SONG 8 * mama c vocals: J'nae

SONG 9 * crab vocals: joe hernandez-kolski * violin: harry the hermit fiddler * bass: marcel camargo * keys: birdie

SONG 10 * manatee vocals & fiddle: gregory peatey * all other instruments: seamus kirkpatrick & andrew farnham

SONG 11 * piano: rohan somasekaran * bass: andrew shaw * drums: joe marchisella

SONG 12 * kid vocals: benjamin knight, izzie haberman

All songs written, produced & sung by Birdie Mendoza (aka Michele Moreno)
Lyrics by Birdie & Alexander Sokoloff

Pianist Eli Brueggemann is now Music Director of NBC's Saturday Night Live!
Bassist Edwin Livingston has toured with Natalie Cole, Queen Latifah & numerous jazz greats!
Guitartist Marcel Camargo has performed with Missy Higgins & Nels Cline (Wilco)
Billy Valentine was the singing voice featured each week on Boston Legal
Chris Wabich has recorded with Ludacris, Sting and Sheila E!
Joe Hernandez-Kolski is a two-time HBO Def Poet
J'Nae named in Music Connection's ‘Top 100 Unsigned Artists’ list
Mike Bolger recorded trumpet & more on Ry Cooder's Chávez Ravine