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Move Like An Animal CD

Parents' Choice 
* happy, Latin-flavored bounce and bilingual spice are irresistible . .

School Library Journal * Songs from this collection could easily be used in lessons about animals as well as enjoyed as family listening. A must have for every collection. . .

Creative Child * Even discriminating grownups will love it . .  

The Simple Moms * My girls were over the moon to hear many of the characteristics about Monarch butterflies . .

Moms Gone Global * brought my kids to their feet & had them gyrating around the house . .

Swing Whistle Zing * encourage(s) your kids to hop, run and flutter just like a whole host of some of your favorite animals . .

Macaroni Kid Sta Mca * trust me, once you turn on this CD no one will be sitting down!

My Crafty Zoo * she sings about various animals and you end up learning so much about so many species!  . . . A little warning: you’ll be addicted and unable to stop the album from playing! 

Mommas Bacon * The songs have a lot of fantastic references to animals, which has been really fun for Brooke and I to dance to . .

The Celebrity Cafe * Singer, songwriter and producer Birdie Mendoza was formerly a Ray Charles backup singer, but is now 1 foot from fame . .

Zooglobble *  If you listen to just one song, make it "Snail Cha Cha," featuring some kindie guest stars. 

Muévete Como Los Animales CD

top 100 blog Spanglish Baby  * I loved . . the way almost every song reminded me of some of my favorite music genres like, salsa, flamenco, or even a Texas cumbia!

Iguana Wants to Baila VIDEO

OWTK * we watched, smiled, and shimmied (the Latin groove is infectious). .

Zooglobble * If the Geico Gecko had a cousin who liked to go salsa dancing, this video might tell the story.

The Wild World of Wildlife CD
National Parenting Publications Awards * Engaging vocals, bouncy world rhythms and fun songs about animals from around the globe will have you movin’ and groovin’ while you learn

Parent's Choice Awards * The monkeys chant, the fiddler crab raps, the wombat scats as Birdie takes listeners on a wildlife tour around the world. 

Pixie Deals * Somewhere in the middle of central California my 3 and 5 year olds started to lose it. It was about to get ugly in that car! So I popped on Birdie’s Wildlife CD. I had to laugh as both boys froze in their seats. After a few seconds of silence and wide eyes I could see them starting to wiggle to the beat. Yay! . . Even the “too cool for kid music” 9yo and 12yo were nodding their heads to the beat.

Dadnabbit * for children in Birdie’s target audience, Wildlife‘s simple beats, instantly memorable singalong refrains, & infectious sense of fun should prove irresistible. 

Pop Dose * The chorus (of "Shake Your Tail Feathers") breaks down into a “Shake, shake, shake” chant, and I can imagine a roomful of kids moving their tookuses to the left and right as fast as they can.

School Library Journal * Former backup singer for Ray Charles, Birdie Mendoza serves up a snappy helping of 11 excellent tunes on this upbeat album.

Hilltown Families * Get out your shakers, put on your dancing shoes, and check out Wildlife. Animal lovers unite!

Building Our Story * I wasn't surprised when we started listening that Jude was dancing, smiling and having fun BUT I was surprised that when we stopped the CD he got angry!  LOL

Cummins Life * You cannot help but sway and move when you listen to this CD.

Live Shows

Red Tricycle Los Angeles * If you’re looking to let your kiddo shake their tail feather (and leave tired) then Birdie's Playhouse Go Animal concert series  is a great choice.

NW Kids Magazine * Our kiddos . . watched in awe as Birdie from Birdies Playhouse performed, she was so colorful.

What's Up for Kids * Learn about the wildlife through festive music and fun story-telling puppets.

Los Angeles Times * ...Birdie's Playhouse, a group whose calling card is their "hip, spicy mix of wildlife originals & classic animal songs" (has) a matinee kid's show at McCabe's. (It) will be sure to delight the kids & get the 1 to 5-year olds shaking their tail feathers.

CBS Los Angeles * Top Picks for Families: Jan. 18th 2011
Birdie's Playhouse Go Animal Concerts.



Customer Testimonials

Live Shows

I've been teaching here for 5 years and this was the best show we've ever had!
-- Michelle Deloitte | St. James Preschool | Los Angeles CA

Birdie’s work sparks the children’s hearts and spirit, as they are fully engulfed participating in the show.
-- Laura Smith | Broadway Gymnastics School | Los Angeles CA

Birdie had them dancing in the aisles, and learning a little about iguanas and wombats at the same time. Totally fun!
-- Mara Alpert | Los Angeles Public Library |Central Branch

Many limit their perception of quality talent solely by level of performance.  Birdie meets that standard and then soars above with her unique success in consistently engaging her audiences.  This on top of her standout professionalism makes for true, hard to find, quality talent. 
---Justin Souza | Founder, The Breathing Room | Woodland Hills CA

Educational, hysterical, infectious and fun! Books and Cookies is always excited to have Birdie’s Playhouse rock the book shelves! The little ones love to get into the latin groove while learning about animals, meeting puppets, dancing and singing along. Super fun for the whole family to enjoy!
-- Chudney Ross | Books and Cookies | Santa Monica CA

Birdie’s Playhouse's tropical Latin rhythms captivate your body to move!
-- Eddie Cota |  Levitt Pavilion | Pasadena CA

Thanks for such fun!  Parents are telling us that their children loved their time with you.
-- Meganne Yeoman | Berkeley Hall School | Los Angeles CA

You were an AMAZING addition to our annual picnic. It really made the event SO special. The kids were dancing around and having so much fun!
-- Lara Schrader | UCLA Preschool, Krieger Center | Los Angeles CA

Birdie's excellent musicianship and bright songwriting draws all ages into the world of Birdie's Playhouse for positive, groovy fun.
-- Diana Rodgers | Mar Vista Farmers' Market | Mar Vista CA

Our Pre-K and K loved the show! Thank you so much for your entertaining performance!
-- Mrs. Pennington | St. Timothy School |Los Angeles CA

Kid's are really engaged with Birdie's show from beginning to end! Her charisma, talent and professionalism make Birdie a joy to work with!
-- Mary Beth Trautwein | ReDiscover Center |Mar Vista CA

Thanks so much for a fantastic show! Songs that pair impressively informative lyrics with infectious rhythms kept the audience - from toddlers to 10-year-olds - bopping, and learning!
-- Miriam Touchton | Westchester-Loyola Village Library |LA, CA

Thank you so much for being a part of the Shake and Shout Family Festival.  The NCM audience loved your performance! 
-- Kara Ghiloni | New Children's Museum |San Diego CA

A big thanks to you and the band members of Birdies Playhouse for helping to make this an incredible summer of family programming at the Skirball.
-- Michael Fritzen |Head of Family Programs |Skirball Cultural Center

I love Birdie’s energy -- and how she brings education into her songs in such lively and fun ways.
-- Azucena Ortiz | Echo Parenting and Education | Los Angeles, CA

Birdie is both professional and engaging. Her lively voice and fun music held a large audience of mixed ages rapt with attention. A top notch performance!
-- Madeline J. Bryant | Los Angeles Public Library

This year has been super fun with you as our fabulous music teacher!
-- April MacDonald | Blueberry Atelier Preschool | Santa Monica CA

Birdie is a rockstar at our school!
-- Milena Bice | Milestones Preschool | Inglewood CA

Birdie Mendoza is a captivating performer. With her catchy latin rhythms she will have the whole audience on their feet.  Our guests had a great time, twirling with ribbons, shaking their tail feathers and moving like animals.
-- Tara Crow | Santa Monica Pier Aquarium | Santa Monica CA

We absolutely LOVE when Birdie puts on a show! The kids can't get enough of her!
-- Melissa Foucher | Young Minds Learning Academy | Venice CA

Birthday Parties

After 12 years of going to kids birthday parties, I have to say you are my favorite! You not only made my daughter's day but all the adults as well. Your fun dancing music & warmth made everyone smile.
-- Samira Raji | Westwood CA

Our twin boys and all their friends had the most wonderful time watching Birdie's show and participating with her instruments and songs...all the adults at the party loved her too!  She's got a fantastic energy and catered the stories and music to a few different ages - babies and toddlers. All of them were in heaven!
-- Heather Sher | Manhattan Beach CA

Birdie, when you arrived at our party, my daughter, knowing you only from your music, ran into your arms as if you were someone she had known her whole life!  Your music brought the life (and soul) to our daughter's birthday party.  Thank you!
-- Beth Stockwell | Santa Monica CA

You had the kids singing and dancing, the parents tapping their feet, all were entertained and very happy! I loved the improv -- you were simply masterful at rolling with our kids' unexpected antics. Thanks for making Amelia's party a blast!
-- Adriana Leiss | Woodland Hills CA

Birdie's energy is contagious.  Her sense of humor and songs kept the attention of over 30 toddlers - and kept parents laughing!
-- Kristine & Dave McFarland | Venice CA

Our 6 year old daughter loved birdie and so did the other parents and kids. Anita has been asking when she can see birdie again and has been listening her CD every day!
-- Sanjay Gaur | Culver City CA

My daughter wanted Birdie or no one for her birthday party, and she was right! The kids were mesmerized by Birdie's interactive performance -- she had them singing, dancing, and shaking their tail feathers, all while learning some Spanish.  Olé!
-- Lolly Ward | Westwood CA

Birdie! You were definitely the hit of the party!
-- Helen Gu Moon | Anaheim, CA

Birdie’s show was perfect for our 3 year old boy's party. The kids were so attentive.  I think my daughter Ella (4 yrs old) thought it was her birthday too -- the way she was jumping around in the center of it all! Later that evening, I heard the two of them humming the tunes! 
-- Roshanna Baron | Westwood CA

Thank you so much for kicking off what turned out to be a great party.  My daughter had your CD in hand this morning saying "Birdie gave this to me."  She's going to wear it out!
--  Mike Welch | Hollywood CA

Awesome, fabuloso!
--Christine Hernandez | Santa Monica, CA

You were fabulous! And we got so many compliments on the music CDs we gave as party favors.
--Ariella Berbier | Venice CA

Thanks Birdie for playing our party -- you made it very special. You were incredibly patient, interactive and entertaining!
-- Damien Marin | Marina del Rey CA

Birdie was soooooo good with the kids, just perfect for our 2 to 4 year age group.
-- Keri King | Los Angeles CA

Bravo, fantastico! Birdie has a sabor latino that was perfect for our daughters party. The kids had an absolute musical blast.
--Paul Serrano | Marina Del Rey CA

THANK YOU Birdie for an amazing performance at Surya's birthday -- it was incredible & the highlight of the party.
-- Jyoti Nanda | Long Beach CA

The children had so much fun singing along with you and I was very impressed at how attentive they were - being that most of them are 2 and 3 years old, it's not easy to focus for that long!  My daughter asked last night if Birdie could come to our home and sing more songs!
-- Julie Handy | Santa Monica CA

Birdie really made my Daughter's 2nd Birthday party a huge success, the kids LOVED the interactive show.  Well worth it!
-- Rachel Adams | Santa Monica, CA

Thank you for great music and a great time! Johany and her friends are talking about your music and even had a chance to dance to it today at school.
-- Elida Villegas | Harbor City, CA

Move Like An Animal CD

Wow. This CD is so huge! 
-- Jack Forman | Recess Monkey

My kids love it -- it sounds so great. Really fun!
-- Eli Brueggeman | Music Director, Saturday Night Live NBC

I can listen to your CD longer than the others.
-- Leticia Martinez | Tortured by endless repeat of CDs by son Joaquin

The Wild World of Wildlife CD

My 4 year old LOVES this CD! Every time we get in the car, he asks for "Birdie's Playhouse please.
-- Christy Skura | Venice CA

In the pause between every song, my son gets so impatient waiting for the next one he cries “More, More!"
-- Jenifer Greer Berggren | Brentwood CA

Your CD is still Kinkade’s favorite (age 3) and can get him out of a bad mood better than anything else.
-- Kiersten Elliott | Associate Dean | Santa Monica College

As soon as "Shake" comes on Juliette (8 mos) lets out whoops of delight. Marcus (2) is so obsessed, we have the song on repeat!
-- Michele Pirozzi | Santa Monica CA

We gave Birdie's Playhouse CDs as party favors to all the kids and received so many thank yous from the families; the CD has quickly become their kid's favorite!
-- Beth Serlin| Venice CA