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This was the best show we've ever had!

-- Michelle Deloitte | St. James Preschool | Los Angeles, CA

Birdie had them dancing in the aisles!
-- Mara Alpert| Los Angeles Public Library

The best show in ages!
-- Rhea, 2nd grade | Buena Park Library | Buena Park, CA

Parents are telling us that their children loved their time with you.
-- Meganne Yeoman | Berkeley Hall School | Los Angeles CA

Keep students flying high with these assemblies from winners of multiple honors from parents & educators

Move Like an Animal ... PreK to 2nd grade  ... Music, Science, Fitness
Birdie's catchy songs include a range of infectious beats that gets children up off their seats. They learn about wildlife as they shake their tail feathers to tropical Latin rhythms. With interactive songs such as "Move Like an Animal," puppets and elements such as dancing with streamers, children refine their gross motor skills and develop better listening skills. Learning scientific facts about animals while having fun, inspiries curiosity about science. In one song, children become Cheetahs: "your big lungs will help you run, and your big heart will pump oxygen" learning the body traits that give Cheetahs speed. Fun facts, movement, and messages that relate to their lives make this science lesson unforgettable.

Trust Yourself ... PreK to 2nd grade ... Music, Character, Diversity
Children will be empowered to face conflicts and trust their instincts through storytelling and interactive music.  Birdie's range of tropical Latin music also promotes the appreciation of diversity. Songs like “I’m a Toucan” express that when something is bothering you, take a breath and “you will know just what to do when you trust yourself and stay true.”  Respect for others is the message in songs like “Chimpanzees Are Like You And Me,” and in “Running Far” children "run toward what they desire," to find their passion. In "Furry Belly Dance," the Egyptian Gerbil won't give up his dream, despite tough odds. All of these messages will empower children to forge their own path when facing life's challenges.

Hispanic Heritage ... K to 3rd grade ... Music, Dance, Diversity
Birdie's Playhouse educational kids music with a Latin twist will make you shake your tail feathers! Thousands at schools, festivals & family venues have danced and learned to Birdie’s Latin-inspried songs and rhythms.  Birdie will start out reading a book about Tito Puente and then will sing her songs in English and a few in español.  She’ll also give a basic lesson in salsa dance. Eso!   Birdies Playhouse has won two Parents’ Choice awards, a Gold award from the National Association of Parenting Publications, CD of the Year from Creative Child Magazine and a starred review from School Library Journal. ¡Olé!

Birdie's Playhouse also has shows with holiday themes such as Cinco de Mayo, Halloween and the Christmas holiday season. Bring Birdie's Playhouse for your next music workshop, assembly or special event! Shows can be done in English or as a bilingual English / Spanish show.

Birdie is also available for family workshops and teacher development. For rates and more info call 310.570.8663 or email birdie@birdiesplayhouse.com

Hear our award-winning music