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Birdies Playhouse wins Parents Choice and CD of the Year

English: 13 songs

Spanish: 12 songs

The new CD by Birdie's Playhouse, Move Like An Animal, just won a prestigious Parents' Choice Silver award and the 2013 CD of the Year from Creative Child Magazine awards.  

“The tracks brought my kids to their feet and had them gyrating around the house”
-- MomsGoneGlobal

“A little warning: you’ll be addicted and unable to stop the album from playing!”    

Kids can’t resist the tropical Latin beats and parents love that children are learning about wild animals, and ways to navigate life’s challenges.  “Unleash your child’s wild energy in a fun, constructive way,” says writer/producer Birdie Mendoza.  “It’s a boredom buster and an educational family workout -- all for under $15”

Find out why gerbils are doing the "Furry Belly Dance” and what the cottontail rabbit’s best defense is! “Chimpanzees” shows us that all creatures are equal.  And “I’m a Toucan” and “Running Far” explain how to overcome obstacles and pursue your passions.  

There is also a Spanish-language version, Muévete Como Los Animales. Top 100 blog Spanglish Baby says "I loved . . the way (on Muévete) almost every song reminded me of some of my favorite music genres like, salsa, flamenco, or even a Texas cumbia!"

Birdie’s Playhouse won two highly prestigious awards (a Parents’ Choice and a NAPPA Gold) for their debut CD, The Wild World of Wildlife, which is featured on some of the top family internet radio programs in the country. Their brand of Latin and pop music is styled from the rich traditions of Cuba, Brazil, Spain and from Birdie’s own Mexican-American roots.  Birdie was the only Latina Ray Charles backup singer in history, and also sang backup across Latin America for Spain’s Raphael.  But when her son was born, she left her globe-trotting career behind for kids music. “Sometimes I miss the wild life of being an international backup singer.” says Birdie.  “But the Latin twist that I bring to family music not only makes my product unique, but also allows me to bring new sounds and feelings to some of the sweetest, most open-minded souls on earth – kids!”

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